There is a difference between a Proof of Concept & a Trial!

A Trial period for a product:
allows for the product to be installed and time to validate that critical features work. Trials are normally performed in a Sand Box System or at best a Test system. A trial normally is a for a very limited time and is not designed to allow the product into a Production environment.

However, it is in the Production Environment that a product proves that it can deliver functionality that makes a difference.

Rather than opt for the trial,

HLS Technologies offers a 60 to 90 day Proof of Concept period
allows for both the “trial” period and the Proof of Concept in a Production Environment. This extended period allows the customer full support from HLS Technologies, Inc.

When the Proof of Concept period is over, then the customer can decide if the functionality of the product provides the needed improvements to his environment. If the product is declined then the Hints set during the Proof of Concept remain until the customer removes them. Their continued use does not require the presence of the product. If the product is purchased then additional Hints can be set or revised. Additional functionality is then provided as it is developed and added to the product.

The goal of a Proof of Concept experience is that the customer is both convinced that the product provides valuable function and that there is data to support this decision.