When a corporation starts looking for new ways to increase productivity they turn to HLS Technologies Inc. for the program DB2 Optimization Hints. There is no reason to limit a company with an just-from-the-box DB2 System, which is cluttered with functions that are unnecessary to an individual business. The greater number of DB2 Hints employed, the greater the efficiency of the management of both the Static Hints and Dynamic Hints. DB2 Optimization Hints has the ability to remove the Static Hints into the Repository. This frees up your system to cut through the clutter and go straight to using the proper functions for the needs of each individual user.

The DB2® System is a Software Solution built to service many types of industries.

As a result, the system often defaults to settings unnecessary for your business needs and slows processing speeds.

HLS Technologies Inc developed the Express Hints program tostreamline your industry-specific operational requirements & improve the efficiency of your SQL Statements.

Our technicians will perform both onsite & remote evaluations of your business & provide guidance (or Hints) for optimum data processing.

The more Hints implemented by our program

the more efficient the DB2® becomes at cranking out the data on which your business relies.

By using HLS Technologies’s Express Hint features

Obtain a reliable partner

Save time

Save precious staff resources


Whenever questions arise,

you can always turn to the customer service experts at HLS Technologies Inc to walk you through every inch of the Express Hints program. HLS Technologies is committed to making sure your company maximizes data processing efficiency with our Express Hints program.