Gerald S. Hodge

Gerald S. Hodge

IBM UCLA JPL CACR Continental Airlines Bank of America ARCO S BMC HLS

Having worked in the IBM software environment since the late 1960’s, Gerald S. Hodge has grown with every new advancement made in the IBM mainframe computer arena. While attending college at UCLA, Hodge began his career at the Caltech JPL Deep Space Facility. After gaining experience in in Computing Systems, he moved to Caltech’s Booth Laboratory and later, worked in Systems Programming for Continental Airlines, Bank of America, Atlantic Richfield, and eventually, Security Pacific. While there, his responsibilities included Capacity Planning and Performance management for 11 data centers across the US. He then joined Candle Corporation! and expanded his expertise to include the ISV Software development. His next job at BMC Software in Houston allowed him to gain valuable experience in International Sales, dealing with software issues around the world. At this point, Hodge felt he had the experience, determination, and know-how to branch out on his own. He established HLS Technologies, Inc. in 1995 to develop better service and tools for the individual needs of DB2 System Programmers and DBAs.

It was early on when Gerald Hodge decided that working in the software industry would provide him with the exciting challenges that he desired in his life. Hodge was among the first to develop the technology used by corporations that invested in satellites to take their business to an international level. Back when computer magazines were few and selective in how the advancement of the industry was reported, it was he who had been published multiple times which includes the publications:

Enterprise Systems Journal March 1992: Systems Monitors vs DB2® Monitors
Enterprise Systems Journal September 1991: Use The DB2® SQL Communication Area
DB2® V9 Application Migration Experiences 2008
DB2 V10 Hint Functions for Dynamic SQL
DB2 Tonight Show Webcast October 2013 Presentation DB2 V10 Hint Functions for Dynamic SQL

Unlike many people in the IT industry who rely on trial and error, Gerald Hodge is equipped with the knowledge of why obstacles are occurring in the first place. Hodge is able to confront complicated problems by working backwards from the occurrence of an issue to its root problem. This allows him to use solutions which are often created from a basic source, like human error. It is due to his education in the front lines of this field that has been able to establish himself as a pillar in the IBM mainframe technical community.